Mission Statement


The purpose of the John C. Dunphy Foundation is to promote charitable, educational, religious, scientific, literary or cultural work in the United States.


Our vision is improving the quality of life for the people and service organizations within our local communities (and wherever the spirit may lead.)


Our mission is to help aid and assist causes of concern within our community by means of donations, grants and matching gift programs.


Our commitment to society shall be a promise to maintain the highest degree of integrity, ethical behavior and morality as an operating standard. As responsible citizens we will make a difference by helping to build and support sustainable community events, charitable endeavors and goodwill causes. Our culture will be defined by our higher purpose, values and behavior; reflected by the actions of each director, officer, manager, representative and affiliate of our organization. Through leadership and team work we will encourage the collaboration of collective minds specializing in value oriented community services. Our communications will be relevant, pertinent and easy to understand. Our values shall serve as a compass for our actions and govern how we behave in the world. Our integrity will be real.    What we do, we will do well!